Let’s take a scenario, an all too familiar one perhaps.

You buy a new build. It comes with a small front and back garden, probably, that is unplanted. You set about adding vegetation and within a year results show and within 5 years, you probably will end up pruning those “new” plants. Some grow faster than others – there is a plant called “Mile a Minute” that is astonishingly fast at climbing. You may have buyer’s remorse about cultivating this and planting others.

Railway lines are often historic

Railway lines are not new builds – many lines and tunnels were built decades or even a century ago and you’d perhaps expect a bed of large stones with little in the way of soil nutrition to allow any plant to grow. But you know, from travelling on trains, and we know as a company who specialise in vegetation clearance that plants are hardy and once established, difficult to remove.

Unlike a new build garden though where a Russian Vine, an ivy, a Buddleia may obstruct walking or a gate or a view, they need to be removed from railway lines where their growth can cause issues.

Here are some of the common issues on railway lines with vegetation:

  1. Trees. Now no one would plant a tree near a railway line deliberately, but nature has a way of distributing them. Those sycamore seeds can soon form saplings on the edge of rail lines and quickly become a nuisance. They may need removing completely or, if too big, pruning directionally.
  2. Brush or low-lying plants. These can cause access issues for overhead power lines, like trees can.
  3. Fires. To prevent fire hazards, along railway and tram systems, vegetation management should be a priority.
  4. Pest infestation. Dense areas with a lot of trees and plants provide a habitat for pests, increasing their population. The structures around such pieces of land have a higher risk of pest infestation. To eliminate the chances of their nesting, clearing the plot is recommended with a vegetation clearance plan.

GBR Solutions offer complete works packages, including: vegetation clearance, foundation works, drainage – installation of new system or refurbishments, Track Off/Track On, IBJ Recovery Works, installation of Safe Walkways, troughing, including UTX, URX and LOC Bases, Permanent Way.

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